Western Oil & Natural Gas Employs America

The oil and natural gas industry in the West generates jobs and economic benefits in every state across the nation. Our Western Oil and Natural Gas Employs America portal provides detailed information on the economic impact of the exploration and production (E&P) sector by state, congressional district and county. The economic model was developed by John Dunham & Associates, a respected economics firm.

The model details only the impact of E&P within the 13 states of Western Energy Alliance’s region, but that economic impact emanates throughout the nation, supporting 169,331 American jobs that pay $14.0 billion in annual wages to working families while generating nearly $36.6 billion in annual economic impact and $12.0 billion in taxes to local, state and federal governments.

Because the analysis is focused just on the E&P sector and very conservative estimates are used, the numbers appear less than those from other studies that examine the full value chain from the wellhead to the end consumer.